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The Good Magician Humprey Worlds of Tomorrow (1970, Vol 5, #1, Issue 24) Summary ...

The Bridge was written in 1968-69 timeframe and was originally titled Minnie's Crew (definitely a play on words which become clearer after reading the story). Actually I think the original title was much more inventive, and fit the story better. This is another classic example of the creative mind of Piers Anthony.

The Bridge was originally published in Worlds of Tomorrow (1970, Vol 5, #1, Issue 24), and was re-printed in Anthonology.

The Bridge was a Nebula Award nomination in 1970.

Story Synopsis ...

Burgess ("Burg" to his friends) Fowler is a lonely bachelor trying to sleep late on a Saturday morning when he is awakened by a provocative female voice.

While he feels he must still be dreaming, he spys what appears to be the perfect woman standing next to him. She is his absolute ideal of a beautiful young desirable female. The only trouble is, she is only nine inches tall. A perfect little doll.

Addressing Burg with that wonderful voice, "I want," she said seriously, "to make love."

If this is not strange enough for you, our story expands to include an alien race trying to regenerate itself by attempting a trade of sorts.

A subtle tale against prejudices on many levels, The Bridge is a quick delightful read leaving the reader satisfied and with hope for the future.


Chapters ...

Chapter Title Page
1 Petite Dream-Girl 76
2 Animate Senescence 78
3 Courtship 79
4 Expedition 81
5 Acts of Love 82
6 Pipeline 155
7 Climax 156
8 Denouement 157


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Worlds of Tomorrow (1970, Vol 5, #1, Issue 24) Worlds of Tomorrow
1970, Vol 5, #1, Issue 24
Pages 75-85, 155-158.

On Cover:
The Bridge
Piers Anthony

The cover is an illustration suggested by The Bridge by Gaugham.

Illustrated by Gilbert
Full page illustrations on pages 75 and 84
Illustrationed Diagram on page 155

Jler Jakobsson, Editor of Worlds of Tomorrow, discusses Piers Anthony's The Bridge on page 2 of his content review.


TOR Hardbound Edition, March 1985
Tom Doherty Associates
First Printing
381 pages
Cover Art by Joe Bergeron
ISBN: 0-312-93027-5
Anthonology (Hardbound Edition)


Autographed Anthonology The hardbound edition shown above was autographed "For Terry" by Piers Anthony. I purchased this copy through an auction.
There are a couple of lines of thought as far as autographs go. Some autograph collectors value a book higher if it only has the author's autograph and (preferrably) a date. Others feel that if the book was inscribed then it adds provenance and makes it more valuable. Certainly if the book was autographed to you by the author this would make its personal value to you much greater. Usually it is easier to verify an autograph is genuine if there is an inscription.


TOR Paperback Edition, April 1986
Tom Doherty Associates
First Printing
381 pages
Cover Art by Joe Bergeron
ISBN: 0-312-93027-5
Anthonology (Paperback Edition)


Anthonlogy UK version Anthonology
Grafton Books, London
Panther Science Fiction
Paperback Edition, 1986
432 Pages
ISBN 0-586-06973-9
Retail price: £2.95
Front cover illustration by Tim White


  • Story, typescript (carbon with handwritten revisions), 21 leaves. Note: written on first page 'Published in Worlds of Tomorrow as "Bridge."'

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