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Piers Anthony

Published by Ballantine, a book club edition, 1968

Eighteen space explorerers had died or disappeard on Nacre, a planet dominated by mushrooms, spore-clouds, a dim sun, and one-eyed creatures called mantas.

To this forbidding planet came three more scientists to explore, discover and record. They barely understood what their mission was, and the significance of the mantas they were able to bring back with them to Earth . subble, a government investigator, was sent to interview them - to learn how they succeeded where many others before them had failed.

Subble was a very particular king of investigator - one who could be judgmental without bias, who could kill without guilt, whose only real joy would be, eventually, to die in a job well done. He couldn't know when that eventuality would arrive. He could only keep trying...

The trio of scientists he confronted was indeed strange: Veg, the brawn of the group was a vegetarian. Aquilon, the beauty, ate everything - she was an omnivore. Cal was the brains of the crew. His emaciated body could only survive by drinking the blood of animals...a carnivore.

Just as the three of them discovered one another's dark secrets, Subble was able to learn the true meaning of the relationship between Aquilon, Veg and Cal...between omnivore, herbivore and carnivore - and the effect they had on the mantas and ultimately, on Earth's survival.

Novel Omnivore [1st book in the Of Man and Manta series]
New York: Ballentine Paperback Edition 1968, 191 pages.
First Equinox printing Trade Paperback Edition April 1975 (#8 in SF Rediscovery series)
New York: Avon Books Paperback Edition 1975, 221 pages.
Science Fiction Book Club Hardbound Edition - 1968, 191 pages.
London: Faber and Faber, Hardbound Edition 1969. 221 pages.
London: Corgi Books, Paperback Edition 1977, 173 pages.
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-Published material, New York, Ballantine, 1968.
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