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The Good Magician HumpreyOut of Phaze

Here is bestselling science fiction author Piers Anthony at his inventive best, full of color and excitement, creating fantastic worlds with all the wit and charm of a contemporary Lewis Carroll.

In Out of Phaze, Anthony returns to one of his most popular series, the adventures of The Apprentice Adept, in a story that takes place twenty years after the first three novels in that series: Split Infinity, Blue Adept, and Juxtaposition.

Two worlds exist side by side: Proton and Phaze. In Proton, life proceeds in an orderly and scientific way, following the natural laws of the universe. In Phaze, however, science is inoperative and magic abounds! The logical folk of Proton believe that each of them has an alternate self living in Phaze, but that it is impossible to cross between the two worlds.

Out of Phaze is the story of a young man named Mach, who sometimes dreams about Phaze when things seem hard in Proton - until in one of his dreams he feels another mind reaching out to his and wakes to find himself on a hillside instead of in his own bed. He has switched places with Bane, resident of Phaze, and for good or ill each must learn to get along in the other's world. For Mach, this means accepting wildly impossible magic - and the friendship of a musical, shape-shifting unicorn who is also a beautiful woman. For Bane, it means an unfriendly world where he is helped by an alien in female form who comes to care for him. For both, there are love and more adventures in store than they could ever have dreamed!

Novel Out of Phaze [4th book in the Apprentice Adept series]
New York: Putnum Hardbound Edition 1987, 288 pages.
New York: Ace Paperback Edition 1988, 309 pages.
New York: New English Library Hardbound Edition, 1989, 288 pages.
Talking Book, publisher CNIB, 1993?, 8 cassettes (10 hr., 35 min.), read by Gary Tipton. DYNIX # 742305
-2 computer printouts
-Printed manuscript

Jacket painting by Darrrell Sweet and design by Lisa Amoroso
Published by G. P. Putnam's Sons (US) and General Publishing Co. Limited (Canada)

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