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Prostho Plus
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Prostho Plus

Mild Mannered Earth Dentist Abducted By Aliens - Force to Fill Cavity

Piers Anthony manages to take earth-bound dentist Dr. Dillingham and launch him into galactic space to fix the dental woes of species never before dreamed of on this earth! Anthony leads the reader on a merry chase throughout the galaxy culminating in our hero achieving dental nirvana at the Galactic school of dentistry. A great flair for exposition lets the reader see the creatures Mr. Anthony has dreamed up for our hero.

Novel Prostho Plus
[New Mexico, titled under 'The Dillingham Manuscript']
[Syracuse, titled under 'The Dillingham Manuscript']
London: Gollancz Hardbound Edition 1971, 190 pages. (Fine Condition value $100)
New York: Berkley Paperback Edition 1973, 192 pages.
New York: Tor Paperback Edition 1986, 217 pages.
Newton Abbot, Devon: Science Fiction Book Club Hardbound Edition 1972 190p ($15)
London: Sphere, Paperback Edition 1974. 207 pages.
Analog, November 1967, pp 53-56
-Story, typescript carbon, 11 leaves.
-Story, typescript carbon with handwritten revisions, 17 leaves.
-Notes, handwritten.
-Draft A, ("The Dillingham Manuscript") handwritten.
-Draft B, ("The Dillingham Manuscript") typescript carbon revision, handwritten, 11 pages.
-Draft C, ("The Dillingham Manuscript") typescript revision, 17 pages.
-Draft D, typescript carbon, 21 pages.
-Sub draft copy

Novella Getting Through University [Hugo Award nomination, 1969]
[A Dr. Dillingham -- Prostho Plus story]
Worlds of If, August 1968, pp 8-34
Worlds of If, July 1966
Worlds of If, April 1967
Galaxy Pub. Corp. 1968.
Isaac Asimov's Wonderful Worlds of Science Fiction # 2: The Science Fictional Olympics, ed. Isaac Asimov, Martin H. Greenberg and Charles G. Waugh, Signet, 1984
[Published in] Anthonology

Short Story Monarch
Worlds of If, November 1970, pp 124-148
[A Dr. Dillingham -- Prostho Plus story]

Short Story None But I
Worlds of If, October 1969, pp 28-52, 160
[A Dr. Dillingham -- Prostho Plus story]

Short Story Ouch!
[A Dr. Dillingham -- Prostho Plus story]
(Adapted from the first two chapters of Prostho Plus)
Strange Universe, edited by Amabel Williams-Ellis & Michael Pearson, Blackie, 1974

Short Story University
[A Dr. Dillingham -- Prostho Plus story]
Syracuse Collection of Unpublished Short Stories
-Draft A, handwritten.
-Draft B, typescript revision, 33 pages.
-Draft C, typescript carbon, 48 pages.

Short Story In the Jaws of Danger
Worlds of If, November 1967, pp 106-120, Galaxy Pub. Corp. 1967.
Science Fiction A to Z, edited by Isaac Asimov, Martin H. Greenberg and Charles G. Waugh, Houghton Mifflin, 1982
Young Extraterrestrials, edited by Isaac Asimov, Martin H. Greenberg and Charles G. Waugh, Harper and Row, 1984
[Reprinted in] Anthonology
[A Dr. Dillingham -- Prostho Plus story]
[Syracuse, listed under 'The Value of a Man']
-Notes, handwritten, 1966.
-Draft A, handwritten, 1966.
-Draft B, typescript carbon, 11 pages.
-Draft C, typescript carbon, 23 pages.

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