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The Good Magician HumpreyShame of Man

Piers Anthony's Shame of Man is a towering saga of remarkable scope, retelling the story of humanity in a daring and exciting way. At once grand in scope and intimate in human detail, Shame of Man recounts the stunning journey of a single family reborn again and again throughout history.

Beginning in the earliest origins of our ancient ancestors who emerged from the Eden of Africa millions of years ago, Shame of Man follows two lovers - Hugh, a dreamer and musician, and his beloved Ann, a beautiful dancer - as they struggle to preserve their family and their way of life during some of the most turbulent periods of our savage past.

Their saga takes them from the caves of prehistoric Europe to the Holy Land in the time of King David, through the imperial court of third-century Japan, and Damascus in the early days of Islam, to Central Asia in the era of Genghis Khan, and the fallen paradise of Easter island, concluding with a harrowing glimpse of our future in the wreckage of a world devastated by global ecological catastrophe. Through their eyes we experience humanity's greatest triumphs, and witness it's greatest shame, the relentless exploitation of nature that now threatens our very survival.

The second volume in Piers Anthony's Geodyssey, Shame of Man draws upon Anthony's lifelong research into human behavior, and his passionate concern for the future of our planet, a world now endangered by the same gifts that lifted us out of savagery millions of years ago.

Novel Shame of Man [2nd book in the Geodyssey series]
Tor Hardbound Edition 1994
Tor Paperback Edition 1995
Tor Paperback Edition Second printing, 0-812-55091-9, Apr 1999, $5.99, 503pp
Jacket art by Brad Schmehl and design by Joe Curcio

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