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Xone of Contention
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Xone of Contention

The adventure of Edsel and Pia, Mundane friends of Dug and Kim (from Demons Don't Dream). Edsel and Pia will be exchanging places with Nimby and Chlorine, who want to explore Mundania, while Edsel and Pia explore Xanth. Edsel and Pia's marriage is a little shaky and they think this adventure might be a chance to save it. This story also explores the internet. It turns out Xanth is connected to Mundania via the internet and with a little help from magic, it becomes possible for the exchange.

More demon bets add fun to the story, as well as the usual interesting adventures throughout Xanth. Breanna and Justin are also back in this adventure and you will meet many new characters along the way.

After a year filled with harrowing adventures, all Breanna of the Black Wave and her newfound love, Justin Tree, want is a little time to get to know each other better and explore the wonders of the enchanted land of Xanth. But their incipient idyll is soon shattered by a stunning discovery. A climatic catastrophe is causing a massive meltdown that threatens to inundate the ancient forests of Xanth.

The only way to avert this dire disaster is to undertake a voyage into the distant mists of the past, to find the moment when this ghastly greenhouse effect began. And the only people who can safely make that journey are those unaffected by Xanth's magic-normal, ordinary humans from our own world.

So Breanna and Justin turn for help to the Demon X(A/N)th (a.k.a. Nimby) and his lovely consort, Chlorine. Together, they devise a daring plan. Making use of the O-Xone, a magical computer network that links the worlds of Xanth and Earth, Nimby and Chlorine make contact with Pia and Edsel, a young couple from Earth who are working on a Xanth game, and arrange to exchange bodies with them.

But an unexpected surprise awaits them on their arrival. The Demon Earth has challenged the Demon Xanth to a deadly duel for the highest possible stakes-dominion over both worlds. While Pia and Edsel range through the farthest reaches of time and space to save Xanth from destruction, Nimby must learn to live by the strange rules of our world, and defeat his ancient enemy without the benefit of his own awesome powers.

Brimming with magic, merriment, laughter, and love, Xone of Contention is a rousing new fantasy saga in the grand Xanth tradition.

From early reviews this is probably one of the best Xanth novels ever. You can see Piers' comments in his newsletter at Hi Piers.

Novel Xone of Contention [23th book in the Xanth series]
Tor Hardbound Edition, ISBN: 0312866917, $24.95 Just released!
Tor Paperback Edition [To Be Published October 2000]

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